Monday, April 9, 2012

Advance reviews in anticipation of tomorrow's April 10th release day

5 stars - Cover LOVE and Amazing Story!

Spectral is a non-stop thrill ride! From the moment Jewel discovers an unsettling truth her world turns upside down. And with two boys vying for her attention, her struggles only multiply as she battles to protect herself and her family from an unstoppable evil.

Shannon puts an original twist on a paranormal theme we've seen before, but never like this. I was lucky enough to read this story while Shannon was writing it as her critique partner, and I looked forward to each new chapter showing up in my inbox. I loved trying to guess what would happen next as Shannon dropped clues, and each scene lead me to believe one thing, yet in the next, a new twist would steer me toward another realization. It kept me impatiently wanting the next pages the whole way through until the mind-blowing ending.

Jewel is truly a likable, relatable character. I loved this girl. Strong, smart, and fiercely protective over her family, especially her little brother, she's endearing and real. Though she battles with feelings for two boys early on, it's clear in no time that only one has her heart. Did I mention the guys? Swoon! Roman. No need to say more, girls. Once you meet him, you might as well say goodbye to your heart. His smooth, Italian ways and dreaminess with claim your heart, too.

The non-stop action and twists kept me guessing, while the heart-melting romance took my breath away. With its enchanting storyline and endearing characters, Spectral is captivating.

- YA Bound


5 stars - Fun and Intriguing Paranormal Romance

Spectral is a fun ride filled with intrigue, suspicion, twists and turns, lies and betrayals, kick a$ super powers, and most importantly, hot guys.

So, so many hot guys.

While Jewel is torn between Chase (the swoony boy next door) and Roman (the sexy, brooding guardian), I fell hard for Roman's cousin Stefano. He might not play a huge role in the book itself, but Oh Mylanta, does he float my boat. Sigh.

As a protagonist, Jewel Rose is so relatable. She grows in strength and as a character throughout the story, in an authentic, real way. Her love for her family, and especially her little brother, is endearing and makes me love *her* all the more.

I'm blessed to be critique partners with Shannon so (obviously) I've already read Spectral, but I cannot wait to own a copy with the gorgeous cover, and see the reactions of new fans!

For fans of paranormal romance, this is a must!

- Rachel Harris, "Flirting with Fiction"


5 stars - AMAZING

I could not put it down. It is a story of love and friendship and a girls journey to finding all of those things and to find out who she really is. It was amazingly written and perfectly played out!

- Lexie

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